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Message From The Kochhar Family

Bhoomika was a beautiful person and a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. Her death came as a shock to all of us who knew her and love her. We are still searching for answers. Bhooma was smart, confident and strong and had a very bright future.

Unfortunately, Bhoomika was mistreated by her husband, Akaash Jatia, and by other members of the Jatia family, including her in-laws, Neeta Jatia and Anil Jatia, from the moment she got married. She gave up her career and her life in the United States and moved to Katmandu for her husband. More recently, Bhoomika was planning to make significant changes, including a permanent return home to the U.S. to continue to pursue her education in public health. She spoke to many people who were close to her about these plans and was excited about the prospect of making a fresh start.

A multitude of unusual and suspicious circumstances —including the conduct by Akaash Jatia and members of the Jatia family both before and after her death and conflicting accounts given by witnesses — suggest that Bhoomika’s death was not a suicide. We will not rest until the authorities in Nepal conduct a full, fair and impartial investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.

We are requesting you to join us in this effort and together we will do all that is in our power, both in the United States and in Nepal, to help ensure that justice is done.

Please sign this petition to call on the Nepali Government for a fair and non-corrupt investigation.

To contact the Kochhar family, please email:


"Bhoomika of Syosset, NY on June 15, 2013 in her 25th year. Beloved daughter of Chander and Kuldip. Loving sister of Amita Kochar, Priyanka and Mukul Puri, Donna and Henry. Bhoomika was a source of strength and laughter to her family, friends and those who she often volunteered with. With a mission to contribute to people's happiness and help those in need, Bhoomika spent her life altruistically giving herself to others everyday in the USA and Nepal through charitable work. She was a bright young free spirit who always had a mischievous smile and a jubilant giggle. The world lost a beautiful angel and those of us who have had the privilege of being around her know it was a blessing to be in her presence. Bhoomika, words can't express how much we will miss you and the joyous memories you left behind for us to treasure. You will forever live on in our hearts."

~ Bhoomika's Obituary

"I miss you Bhooma, my beloved precious, caring, amazing, gorgeous sister. You are home now, at peace with your true loved ones. You were an angel sent from God to grace us with your smile and laughter each and every day. You touched so many hearts and left a footprint in everyone's lives.
We will all love you #foreverBHOOMA."

~ Randeep Anand

"Bhoomika was God's gift to me. The two years we lived together were the happiest years of my life. She was the most affectionate, caring person and loved selflessly and unconditionally. She spread happiness and laughter to everyone in her life and I am so beyond blessed to have been able to call her my best friend. She was more than that - she was like a mother, a sister. No words are capable of honoring her beautiful spirit. She will live on in our hearts forever."

~ Ashna Kathuria

"We all know more than anyone in the world what an amazing friend and sister Bhoomika is. No matter where in the world she was or what she was doing, she’s always been the type of person to drop everything to be by the side of the people she loves. She’s touched the lives of so many people - not only her friends and family, but she’s done so much for the community around her - helped with blood drives, charity work, volunteering in hospitals, started fundraisers and so much more. And everyone who knows her knows she’s always excited about whatever she’s doing and the way she just shines with happiness, intelligence and beauty is like no other person. We were blessed to have such an amazing person in our lives, and she’s shaped the lives of so many people around her. She’s always been encouraging for the people around her to pursue their goals and she’s always loved selflessly and openly. Her laughter and her smile was contagious and her beautiful eyes could send a shiver down anyone’s back. Her kindness, generosity and her fun loving spirit radiated on to everyone she’s ever met throughout the years. The world lost a beautiful angel and those of us who have had the good fortune of being around her know that it was a blessing to be in her presence. There are no words to describe how much we all miss you and your heart of gold, Bhoomika. We love you more than you’ll ever know."

~ Guneet Sachdev